NISADE: Niseko Alpine Developments NISADE

Nisade is one of the biggest ski hotel operators in Niseko. Its portfolio comprises three premier hotels (The Maples, The Vale, and Always Niseko), myriads of chalets, and a Concierge service providing customers with a multitude of fabulous activities.

About Nisade

Short for Niseko Alpine Developments, NISADE was established in 2005 by a team of visionaries, including the Canada-based development specialist, Jonathan Martin. Since then, the company has developed state of art alpine properties in Niseko thanks to the abundance of powdery snow in Hirafu area. Today, Nisade is the largest fully integrated property management specialist in Niseko.

A Little About the Founder and Chairman: Jonathan Martin

Nisade is the brainchild of Jonathan Martin, the active Chairman of the corporation. Currently based in Whistler, Canada, Jonathan Martin still plays a key role in strategic planning and overall management of the Nisade. However, he leaves day-to-day operation of the development outfit to the team in Niseko.

Jonathan leverages over 15 years of unrelenting expertise in the property development industry and his connection to high-net individuals to oversee capital-intensive projects across the world. He was involved in every tidbit of Nisade work in Niseko, from site mapping to project financing and construction to project management. Before focusing on Nisade, Jonathan was the founder of Quantum Syndicate Management Ltd, a property development, and management company licensed by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission).

With residential property development and management worth USD $300 million to his name, Jonathan had the key competence to handle such a mega project. His focus, dedication, and passion made it possible for Nisade to come to fruitation.

Nisade Portfolio

The Vale Niseko

Tucked in an appealing location in Hirafu’s ski destination, the Vale is a ski-in-ski-out resort hotel that’s surrounded by over 2100 acres of sublime powder terrain. The facility comprises 49 apartments ranging from 1-3 bedrooms. It also includes The Vale Onsen, The Vale Restaurant, and other luxurious amenities.

Backcountry Riding Gear

These include skis & splitboards, ski boots, and a raft of equipment designed for taking on the wondering backcountry of Niseko and Hakuba.

The Maples Niseko

Opening in December 2018, The Maples is Niseko’s premier ski-in-ski-out property complete with 73 accommodations, ranging from studio, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, to penthouses.

Always Niseko

Always Niseko is a 104-room luxury hotel especially carved for the intrepid snow traveler. It offers tourists a year-round haven where they can kick back and relax after hitting the powdery wonderland of Niseko. It’s the ideal getaway for today’s avid ski traveler.


Nisade also operates a slew of chalets in Niseko, including The Glasshouse, Terrazze, Kozue, Snow Crystal, The Freshwater, and Setsugetsu.

The property management company also offers a top-notch concierge service consisting of myriads of amazing activities in and around Niseko.

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